zondag 25 maart 2012

Wonderland Diary

Well , my fellow Blog-readers, as you can tell (hopefully, otherwise you should go see a doctor) this post is in English.That's because I just can't descide wich language I like better, Dutch or English. Everytime I write in English, some Flemish or Dutch people mail me to say that they like it better in Dutch and when I do write in Dutch, English speaking people mail me that they don't understand what I write. So I descided to write in whatever Language I want, wich may change overtime, so don't be shocked if you see a polish post next week (no, just kidding, I don't speak polish). But since I do speak English...

well, off to something else now:
I am in Full exams these days and it's HORRIBLE! I don't really like school (wich is an understatement) and I truly hate exams.

BUT! the fact that I have exams also means that my holidays are coming up and Holidays = SHOPPING!!! :D I am in desperate need of the smell of new clothes , and I have a wishlist, a really really long one ( wich I wil partly share with you guys in one of my next posts)

I am moving in a few months and my room there will have a built in closet (YAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!) with a huge mirror (double YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!) so I will have to fill up that space ( wich I don't really mind.

I have discovered a new kind of nailart (I'm sure that for a lot of you this isn't even new, but let's just ignore that fact) : colour block nails! :D let me know if you want a DIY for this ;)

dinsdag 20 maart 2012

Hauled : rode all stars

Ik ben zo blij dat ik eindelijk eens rode all stars heb gekocht!! :D ik wilde al enkele jaartjes rode all stars , maar ik vind nooit de juiste tint rood of de juiste maat, maar nu dus EINDELIJK wel. :)

woensdag 14 maart 2012

Busramp Zwitserland

Dit is ongetwijfeld een donkere dag voor België en Nederland. Gisterenavond is in Zwitserland een bus vol schoolkinderen uit lommel en heverlee (waaronder ook enkele nederlandse kinderen) 28 mensen kwamen om (7 nederlanders,21 belgen) waaronder 22 kinderen.

enkele links:




ook de foto's geven de vreselijke ernst van het ongeval weer :

Ik wil langs deze weg mijn steun betuigen aan familie en vrienden van de slachtoffers. Dit is een verschrikkelijk ongeval dat niet had mogen gebeuren.