zondag 30 december 2012

Rok en Rol

Ik heb het allerleukste televisieprogramma ooit ontdekt!!!!!!! Het heet Rok en Rol en is helemaal geweldig!! Het is een soort van DIY-programma , gepresenteerd door de supercreatieve Karolien Verbanck. Ze maakt heerlijke desserts, prachtige spulletjes en customized simpele kledij tot pronkstukken . Mijn mama zei laatst toen we samen aan het kijken waren "Dat is echt de oudere versie van jou, Evi" . En eigenlijk  heeft ze gelijk! Ik ben zelf ook altijd bezig met dingen (ver)maken ,customizen en ik verzin de raarste snacks en voedselcombinaties (warme chocolademelk met speculoospasta en Nutella..Anyone?). Karolien is nu al ongeveer een maand mijn absolute idool. Ik zit elke dag om half negen trouw voor mijn televisie en heb een naaimachine bovenaan mijn verlanglijstje gezet!

woensdag 19 december 2012


Holy Shizzles! I haven't posted for quite some time now ! I wouldn't judge you if you had forgotten me by now... Anyway, let's just give you an update on my life through some pictures :

 So I had exams the past two weeks and damn... I forgot how much I HATE studying!
Don't get me wrong, I do like school and going to school itself is not that bad, but exams... URGH!

Well, this is my personal "puss-in-boots-without-actual-boots". even though she doesn't move two meters a day, she's my little (or actually very fat) baby and I love her!

...even though she always decides to sit at the worst places :)

Oh how I love my new bear hoodie!!! (it has ears!!!!!)

I made a printscreen on my phone of these gorgeous shoes! These suit my style sooooooooo well!

And last but not least, I cut my hair this week! Yes, I did it myself *proud face* I've been cutting my hair myself since I was about 14-15 years old and it has never really turned out to be a disaster, so...

woensdag 7 november 2012

Studs everywhere

I Love studs , I adore them . These days I want everything studded , I bought some studs to customize some of my clothes and decided to share some studs - inspiration with you guys ;)

zondag 4 november 2012

Astrid Bryan

While I am writing this , I am waiting in line to get my book signed by Astrid Bryan !!!!! I already wrote an article about her a while ago and I must say that she is definitely my biggest Idol

Edit : I did manage to take a picture with her ( last picture of this post) , and I must say , she's even more beautiful in real life ;)

Verrrry long Line

vrijdag 2 november 2012

Ootd + app I'm loving

So yesterday I went shopping and I wore one of my favorite outfits ever!!!

My embellished Mango jumper paired with my New Look skirt , Zara hat , H&M scarf and overknees!!!!! ;D

(All of these pictures -yes, they're all the same with different filters- are edited with Phototreats, which is my new favorite app!)

Want : H&M dress

I found this dress on Facebook today and instantly fell in love with it ! It's gorgeous !!!

donderdag 1 november 2012

New In : Bobble Hat !

Oh my ! I am so damn Broke ! I literally don't have any money left so it's time for me to start a (very very verrrrry) low-budget life !
But of course , there's a reason I'm broke ... I went shopping ! Very.badly. But hey, it was worth it . I love everything I bought especially my new HAT! I've been wanting a hat like this for ages! And I finally found one at Zara for about 15-16 euros LOVE IT ! Whieeeeee!

maandag 29 oktober 2012

Fashion Icon : Nadia Esra

I'm Pretty sure the Lookbookfans here will know this wonderful lady! her blog is named "They Call Me Redhead" and reading it is like stepping into wonderland. I love her dreamy style and personality. She writes (amazing) poems ànd she can sing! This young lady is worth checking out. I am a huge fan of her overknee socks, creepers and A-MA-ZING jumpers. Check her out!

vrijdag 12 oktober 2012

Ralph Fiennes

Well, I am The kind of girl who Gets obsessed with certain people , mostly actors, and then I'm not talking about the boyish cute , good looking "dudes" like Zac Efron (who I like , don't get me wrong) , but the real great actors . I have been a fan of Liam Neeson and also went through an Alan Rickman fase. But these days I'm obsessed with Lord Voldemort a.k.a He who must not be named a.k.a Ralph Fiennes (pronounced ; reyf fines ) .This man is definitely one of the most talented people ever born (along with Meryl Streep of course ) . His impression of Lord Voldemort was amazing, but his performances in "The English Patient" and "Shindler's List" are very Impressive as well !!
So if you didn't know him already (shame on you), check This man out, it's definitely worth it !

Ps : he may be 50 years old, he doesn't look bad ;) check out those Eyes !!!

woensdag 3 oktober 2012

OOTD - comfy red sweater

I just found these pictures from summer ...Well... What can I say ? Some times you just don't feel like dressing up ;)

zondag 30 september 2012

Hauled : embellished Jumper

I Love Jumpers, I don't know where my jumper-addiction comes from , but I like it !! And yesterday I added a new one to my collection!! :D it's from Mango and I had been eyeing it on the Webshop for quite some time !
But yesterday I went to ZEB (where I ran into Dorien who works there) and there it was... The gorgeous sweater "in the flesh" tried it on, instantly loved it ( check the gorgeous details on the shoulders) and bought it !!!!

donderdag 27 september 2012

To wear or not to wear ...

I love overknees , I really really do, but I just Cant Find An appropriate way to wear them,I guess , but what IS appropriate anyway, maybe I should just pull out a black skirt and rock them !

woensdag 19 september 2012

Who said UGGs were Boring

Hello everyone!
well, last time I blogged, it was still very hot over here, but now Fall/Autumn is just around the corner , Yaaaay!! fall means new fashion and new fashion means new inspiration for me! :D
so, this post is about the "underdogs" in the fashionworld, the piece of clothing hardly anyone likes and most of you probably dispise but I really ADORE ... UGGS! I found some pictures of people wearing UGGs in a very cute and fashion-proof way and decided to share them with you guys ;)