zondag 30 september 2012

Hauled : embellished Jumper

I Love Jumpers, I don't know where my jumper-addiction comes from , but I like it !! And yesterday I added a new one to my collection!! :D it's from Mango and I had been eyeing it on the Webshop for quite some time !
But yesterday I went to ZEB (where I ran into Dorien who works there) and there it was... The gorgeous sweater "in the flesh" tried it on, instantly loved it ( check the gorgeous details on the shoulders) and bought it !!!!

donderdag 27 september 2012

To wear or not to wear ...

I love overknees , I really really do, but I just Cant Find An appropriate way to wear them,I guess , but what IS appropriate anyway, maybe I should just pull out a black skirt and rock them !

woensdag 19 september 2012

Who said UGGs were Boring

Hello everyone!
well, last time I blogged, it was still very hot over here, but now Fall/Autumn is just around the corner , Yaaaay!! fall means new fashion and new fashion means new inspiration for me! :D
so, this post is about the "underdogs" in the fashionworld, the piece of clothing hardly anyone likes and most of you probably dispise but I really ADORE ... UGGS! I found some pictures of people wearing UGGs in a very cute and fashion-proof way and decided to share them with you guys ;)