zaterdag 7 april 2012

Style Development

When I see old pictures of myself, I don't start screaming: "OMG! WHAT WAS I WEARING!?", my style was not bad. It was just very unoriginal , I was an Abercrombie sweater-blue jeans - converse All stars kind of girl. As I said, not very original. Well, it has turned 180 degrees this year. I bought a Yellow Coat,a pair of american-flag-shorts, a sweater with Zebra's on it (not zebraprint, actual Zebra's), megamega high heels and a lot of vintage stuff. Peter pan-collars became my trademark and I started using more makeup than just a little bit of bronzer wich I only wore when I went to parties (wich is a shame for a sixteen-year old girl). Ofcourse, I still wear my converse (hello, nothing wrong with converse!) and abercrombie sweater (it's just soooo comfortable) on lazy sundays or shopping trips, but when I have the chance, I will make sure everyone has noticed (and approved) my style.

1 opmerking:

  1. Hahaha helaas heb ik wel het gevoel van 'OMG droeg ik dat echt?!' maar des te meer ik blij ben met de stijl die ik aan het ontwikkelen ben (:
    Leuke post!